Soybeans A to Z

The Nebraska Soybean Board provides soy educators to travel the state and present an hour long “Soybeans: A-Z” program to 4th grade classrooms.  This interactive presentation teaches students about the many uses of soybeans, the benefits soybeans provide to the land and environment, and how farmers grow and harvest soybeans.  During the presentation, students follow along on their “Soybeans: A-Z” placemat, which features a soy product for each letter of the alphabet. At the end of the presentation, students have time to ask questions and even get to play the “Use Your Bean” game to test their knowledge and listening skills.

The “Soybeans: A to Z” presentation includes concepts and skills that contribute to satisfy many of the Nebraska State Education Standards. Teacher feedback has indicated that this program aligns with their classroom studies of Nebraska, plants, and renewable and nonrenewable resources.

This program now reaches over 15,000 fourth-graders across the state each year!

If your 4th grade class is interested in having a soy educator visit, please email Teri at teri@nebraskasoybeans.org.