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Nebraska Soybean Weekly Radio Update

Nebraska soybean farmers face important issues in the field and market. Listen to the Nebraska Soybean Weekly Radio Update to keep up with the latest in soybean programs, news from the field, and interviews from your district representatives on the Nebraska Soybean Board.
The weekly, two-minute program updates soybean farmers about current events and projects supported with Nebraska soybean checkoff dollars.
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NSB Radio Reports


Shane Greving, farmer and Chairman of the Nebraska Soybean Association (NSA) gives an update from NSA and the America Soybean Association.


Greg Greving, farmer and United Soybean Board (USB) member from Chapman previews the USB Board meeting.


Greg Anderson, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board member from Newman Grove discusses a new soy based product on the market for your lawn.


"The most significant impact is to create demand closer to where these acres are grown." Nick Bowdish, representative for Norfolk Crush LLC, discusses the plans for a modern $375 million soybean-crushing plant near Norfolk. When operational in 2024, the facility will crush 38.5 million bushels of soybeans annually, or 110,000 bushels daily.


"It will process over 50 million bushels of soybeans annually...and certainly, we know that east-central Nebraska can deliver high quality soybeans..." Matt Caswell, VP Member/Corporate Relations and Government Affairs with AGP, discusses the new soybean processing facility plans near David City, Nebraska.


"Our markets have evolved in fuels...and it's helping out a lot of farmers in Nebraska; better prices and helping out with our commodity." Jason Penke, farmer and NSB director recaps #NBB22.
Learn more at cleanfuels.org.


"Farming has changed a lot in the last 20 years and it's going to continue to change the in the next 20 years...being on top of things and learning to be more effective." Doug Saathoff, farmer and NSB Chairman, recaps the recent Soybean Leadership Academy put on by the American Soybean Association.


"Focusing on the quality of the protein...and really looking at the essential amino acids...anything we can do to move these soybeans out of the U.S. is a positive." Patrick O'Leary, MN farmer and Chairman of Northern Soy Marketing (NSM), discusses the group and its mission. The Nebraska Soybean Board recently joined forces with NSM to promote the high-quality of northern-grown soybeans.


Greg Anderson, a farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board member from Newman Grove previews the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. It’s the 30th year for the National Biodiesel Board and the 19th year for the conference as the industry is approaching the age of decarbonization with not only biodiesel, but also renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.


Ed Lammers, farmer and United Soybean Board (USB) director from Hartington was recently elected to serve as an executive officer on USB.

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