Work with NSB

The Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) is an organization that represents the interests of soybean farmers in the state of Nebraska. By partnering with the NSB, companies and organizations can gain access to a wide range of resources and expertise in the soybean industry, including:


  • Research and development: The NSB invests in research to improve soybean yields, pest and disease management, and other areas of soybean production.
  • Market development: The NSB works to promote the use of soybeans in a variety of markets, including food, feed, and industrial uses.
  • Education and outreach: The NSB provides educational resources and outreach programs to farmers, industry professionals, and the general public to increase awareness of the benefits of soybeans.
  • Networking and collaboration: By partnering with the NSB, companies and organizations can connect with a wide range of stakeholders in the soybean industry, including farmers, researchers, and industry leaders.

Overall, by partnering with the Nebraska Soybean Board, companies and organizations can benefit from the valuable resources and expertise that it provides to the Nebraska soybean industry. It can also help to ensure that the soybeans grown in Nebraska will be used in the most effective way for the farmers and for the industry.