2012 Soybean Management Field Days Presentations

Below are the linked presentations from all of the researchers at Soybean Management Field Days in August of 2012.


Managing Land Leases by Allan Vyhnalek, Ph.D.

The Quest for the Holy Grail of Soybean Production by Charlie Shapiro, Ph.D.

Growing 100 Bushel Soybeans by Greg Kruger

Herbicide Resistant Weeds by Greg Kruger, Ph.D.

Making Pesticide Applications Efficient and Effective by Greg Kruger, Ph.D.

Marketing and Risk Management by Jeff Peterson
Soywater: A Decision-Aid Web-Based Tool by James Specht, Ph.D. and Jessica Torrion, Ph.D.

Soybean Seed Treatments and Foliar Fungicides by Loren Geisler, Ph.D.

Soybeans, BioStimulants and Innoculants by Michael Rethwisch, Ph.D.

To obtain a copy of the harvested and calculated research results, please contact Andy at andy@nebraskasoybeans.org