See for Yourself Regulatory Blog 1

Day One:

On Thursday, eight producers from around Nebraska gathered in Omaha to partake in the Nebraska Soybean Board’s first See For Yourself Regulatory mission. The program is designed to give farmers an opportunity to see firsthand how their soybean checkoff dollars are being invested and to share the information they learn with other farmers.

With all the issues facing farmers today, plus the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill and pending regulations regarding containment of fuel and fertilizer storage; it’s more important than ever to know the facts and learn how to communicate better with lawmakers and those who influence policy. As Jordan Dux, Nebraska Farm Bureau, stated, “If you want your message to be heard; educate yourself, be courteous and tell your story. You are the best advocates for your industry.”

The program kicked off with a half-day program in Omaha including presentations from Nebraska Department of Agriculture, AGP, Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Soybean Association. As participants started diving into the issues affecting Nebraska producers, the most common themes discussed were water issues, animal agriculture and manure management. It is quite obvious that these topics are top of mind for Nebraska producers and they were all excited to learn more about the regulations that will be and are affecting their practices.

As the conversation kept going and thoughts got rolling – the group was prepared to take on Washington D.C. and learn more about the top issues facing the agriculture industry.