Soybeans Make a Splash at Lincoln Home and Garden Show

It only took three days and nearly 300 volunteers to help create NSB’s canvas mural at the 2014 Lincoln Home and Garden Show last weekend. “From field to market, every choice matters” was the theme to this year’s bioproducts promotion.

More than 500 Nebraska consumers visited our booth to learn about the versatility of soy products and the benefits they provide for home and health. Each visitor received complimentary samples of The Clean Environment Company’s soy-based cleansers, a tube of soy hand lotion and a product catalog featuring several soy products, their benefits and where they can be locally purchased.

“I had no idea soy was used in so many products. It’s reassuring to know these products are nontoxic, contain no irritants and are safe to use around my children,” said Sheila Ehlers from Seward. Elers and many others also signed up for the Broyhill soy-based foam couch to be given away after the show.

Our main attraction, the 12-ft. mural, was completed using soy-formulated interior paint, courtesy of Sherwin-Williams, who is committed to providing consumers with environmentally friendly products. In 2010, Sherwin-Williams eliminated more than 800,000 pounds of chemicals, solvents and other petroleum-based feedstock from their production process by using 320,000 pounds of soybean oil in their water-based acrylic paints.


People 6 to 86 rolled up their sleeves and tested their artistic abilities. With grid lines dividing the mural into 6-inch squares, participants put their personal touch to this unique showpiece. In the last hour of the show, the mural was finally completed by John Zakovec of Lincoln. He couldn’t have been a more fitting person to finish the piece, as he is a soybean farmer.

“As a farmer contributing to the soybean checkoff, it’s good to know our dollars are being invested in worthwhile projects. NSB does a great job to promote our product and share our message with the people of Nebraska,” he said.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the 2014 Lincoln Home and Garden Show. See you next year!