First Purchaser Information & FAQs

Who exactly is the first purchaser?
Why does the first purchaser have to pay the checkoff assessment?
Do I assess the 1/2 of 1% (.005) before or after discounts, storage, and drying costs?
Who sets the percentage that is collected by first purchasers from the soybean farmers?
Where does the money go that is collected and submitted to the Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB)?
Who should the assessment check be payable to?
What are the deadlines for submitting the forms/checks?
Is there a penalty for submitting the assessment form/check late?
Does a first purchaser need to submit the form if soybeans were not purchased during that quarter?
What about soybeans I buy that were raised in another state?
What if I don’t collect from the grower?
What if we purchase soybeans from a first purchaser who has already deducted the checkoff?
Is anyone exempt from the assessment fee?
First Purchaser Remittance Form – LS-46

SPARC Remittance

Certification of Non-Producer Status Form LS-48