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We are taking you on a fascinating journey from bean to bottle, unveiling the captivating story of Dorothy Lynch - the salad dressing that owes its famously smooth texture and unique flavor to Nebraska soybean oil. Dorothy Lynch is not just any dressing; it's a cherished icon in the heart of Nebraska.


Every bottle of Dorothy Lynch is crafted with care in a state-of-the-art 64,000-square-foot facility located in Duncan, Nebraska, a town with a population of just 351 residents. From here, it's shipped to loyal customers and grocery retailers across the country. Learn more here.



Bakers Candies chocolates have earned a renowned reputation far and wide. But did you know Nebraska agriculture helps make these scrumptious treats so velvety smooth? Learn how soy lecithin is essential to that melt-in-your-mouth experience. A family-owned Nebraska gem since 1987, producing over ½ million pounds of superlative meltaways annually, right in Greenwood, Nebraska.



From food and fuel to feed and fiber—witness the transformation of Nebraska soybeans into vital products used around the world. At the ADM soybean processing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, every component of the soybean finds life. From animal feed to cooking oil, the versatility of soy shines. The facility processes the equivalent of 5.5 square miles of soybean fields every day! Oil is extracted and refined on-site, meal becomes livestock feed and hulls are used as fiber additives. For Nebraska's soybean farmers, it's more than just a crop; it's a means of feeding the world and producing essential products for many.


Green, sustainable spaces equal happy faces. Discover the amazing connection to Nebraska agriculture and how soy-backed SYNLawn artificial turf is sprucing up downtown Omaha and Gene Leahy Mall.


From fields to fuel, discover how the Nebraska Soybean Board and Arrow Stage Lines and the Nebraska Huskers are providing a greener transportation option with biodiesel. Since its inception over the last 30 years, biodiesel has proven to offer better performance, immediate cost savings, lower emissions and positive economic impact when used as a replacement for petroleum-based fuel.