Meet A Farmer


Nebraska’s rich farming and ranching heritage is rooted in families. Hear from one hard-working farm family, the Hadenfeldts, who’ve been passing down tradition in Cairo, Nebraska for generations.


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Meet Larson Farms, one of four dairy farms in Nebraska to use robots to automate the milking process. They’re harnessing the latest in animal science technology to keep cows healthy and happy. This family farm is also a great example of how row-crop farming seamlessly integrates with dairy! The result? Wholesome quality you can taste.



Meet first-generation farmer Zemua Baptista, who operates near Ulysses, Nebraska, close to where he grew up. Like other young farmers, Zemua has harvested success not only by growing crops like soybeans and corn but also by embracing diversification like raising cattle and chickens. Zemua proves that with hard work, you can grow the future you dream of. And, as a quality feed ingredient for animal agriculture, Nebraska soybean meal is used in feed rations for several species. Did you know that poultry and livestock consume 97% of soybean meal in the U.S.?