Animal Agriculture

Why is animal agriculture important to soybean farmers?

Animal agriculture consumes 97 percent of soybean meal, making it U.S. Soy’s best customer. Soy meal provides an excellent source of protein and amino acids for chickens, turkeys, hogs, cattle, farm-raised fish, and other animals.


Impact of Animal Ag in Nebraska

Nebraska animal agriculture used an estimated 840,900 tons of soybean meal in 2015. Pork production dominates Nebraska soybean meal usage, accounting for 50 percent of soybean meal consumption. Beef production used 40 percent and egg production used 6 percent.


At the state level, animal agriculture in Nebraska produces approximately $20.3 billion in economic output and $4.2 billion in household income. It supports 88,837 jobs. In addition, Nebraska animal ag generated an estimated $1.1 billion in income taxes and reported $479 million in property taxes according to the 2015 census of agriculture.


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Photo courtesy of the United Soybean Board




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