What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel that can be made from U.S. soy oil or other renewable resources. It offers fuel economy, horsepower and torque similar to petroleum diesel, but with fewer harmful effects on diesel engines, the environment and human health.


Why is Biodiesel important to soybean farmers?

Due in large part to soy-checkoff-funded research and support, biodiesel has grown to become a more than 2-billion-gallon-a-year industry. Biodiesel helps to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, boosts our nation’s economy and supports thousands of jobs. It also helps drive demand for U.S. soy oil and adds to U.S. soybean farmer’s bottom line.


Where can I find Biodiesel?

Check out biodiesel locations at: Distributor Locations and


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management practices

It’s important to use best-management practices to protect your diesel vehicles and equipment. Learn more here.



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