New Uses

When there’s work to be done, Nebraska soybeans are on the job in many of your everyday products. In fact, Nebraska soybeans are hard at work in Goodyear ® tires, Ford ® cars and trucks, Skechers ® shoes, asphalt, fuels, lubricants, name-brand paints and stains and more. Soybeans are an innovative replacement for petroleum, leading to more sustainable products all over the world.

Check out some industries where soybean are making a splash:


  • Soy Cleaners: These soaps and industrial cleaners can be easily washed away with water and are environmentally friendly.
  • Motor Oil: High-performing biobased synthetic motor oil uses high-oleic soybean oil from soybeans grown by U.S. farmers.
  • Building Materials: Soy can be made into sturdy materials called composites or a foam material that can be used for insulation.
  • Dust Suppressant: Soy-biobased dust suppressant is now available offering a sustainable and renewable choice for rural and urban communities to improve air quality for people, pets, livestock and crops.
  • Plastics: Soy plastics can be used in everything from farming equipment to cars and boats.
  • Concrete Enhancer: Soy-based products are used to protect and extend the life of concrete and asphalt products.
  • Paints: Soy can replace some harmful and toxic petroleum-based chemicals in paints and inks.
  • Asphalt: Soy-based asphalt polymers improve road performance while promoting environmental stewardship. Workers are able to reuse more recycled asphalt content when producing roads.
  • Tires: Major fleets across the country, police departments, and even the public are benefitting from the enhanced tire performance as well as the environmental value of this soy-based technology.
  • Shoes: Whether you’re hitting the road for a run or a drive, now you can do so with high-performing, soy-biobased rubber technology. U.S. soy is now available in all kinds of footwear, from sandals to running shoes.