Soybeans are a common ingredient in livestock feed as they provide a source of protein for the animals.

Global animal agriculture is your No. 1 customer. Producers rely on your high-quality feed to nourish animals like chickens, pigs, turkeys, cattle and fish that thrive on nutrient-dense soybean meal. They need reliable levels of quality protein and digestible energy to grow, all found in soybean meal from your crop.


According to data resources funded by your soy checkoff as well as USDA, the soybean meal fed in the U.S. goes to several segments of animal agriculture.


  • Poultry eats about 61.2%.
  • Hogs consume 18%.
  • Beef and dairy cattle use just over 18%.


The rest goes to aquatic farming like fish and shrimp, other farm animals and companion animals like horses and pets.


U.S. soybean meal doesn’t just feed livestock and help them thrive; it helps farmers like you remain profitable. Results from a study funded by the soy checkoff confirms the positive relationship between soybean meal and improved total weight gain and feed use efficiency in growing pigs.