Non Food Uses

Soybeans are used versatile crop used in many industrial products.

As a renewable, reliable resource, demand for your soybeans goes far beyond food and feed. Soybean oil and meal can replace petroleum and other volatile ingredients in many industrial and consumer products.


Check out some industries where soybean are already making a splash.


  • Soy Cleaners: These soaps and industrial cleaners can be easily washed away with water and are environmentally friendly.
  • Motor Oil: High-performing bio based synthetic motor oil uses high oleic soybean oil from soybeans grown by U.S. farmers.
  • Building Materials: Soy can be made into sturdy materials called composites or a foam material that can be used for insulation.
  • Dust Suppressant: Soy biobased dust suppressant is now available offering a sustainable and renewable choice for rural and urban communities to improve air quality for people, pets, livestock and crops.
  • Plastics: Soy plastics can be used in everything from farming equipment to cars and boats.
  • Concrete Enhancer: Soy-based products are used to protect and extend the life of concrete and asphalt products.
  • Paints: Soy can replace some harmful and toxic petroleum-based chemicals in paints and inks.
  • Asphalt: Soy-based asphalt polymers improve road performance while promoting environmental stewardship. Workers are able to reuse more recycle asphalt content when production roads.
  • Tires: Major fleets across the country, police departments and even the public are benefitting from the enhanced tire performance as well as the environmental value of this soy-based technology.
  • Shoes: Whether you’re hitting the road for a run or a drive, now you can do so with high-performing, soy biobased rubber technology. U.S. soy is now available in all kinds of footwear, from sandals to running shoes.