Soybean farmer feedback wanted for online management optimization tool

Jun 23, 2023

What if you could have an app that could tell you about the impact on yield and profit from different management practices? For example, how much profit could you make if you apply fungicide in your field? Or what soybean seeding rate will result in maximum profit?


Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are looking for farmers to help with a survey called “Data-Driven Knowledge Project.” This survey will contribute to the creation of a new online cropping system optimization decision tool for soybeans that combines the factors of soil, seed, weather, planting date, seeding rate, chemical inputs, and soybean prices to help you make more profitable management decisions. Researchers need farm operators’ help to fine-tune the tool to your specific field conditions.


To access this survey online, please go to the link listed below. You do not need to enter a unique identification number. Please think about your fields in 2022 when answering. You will need this information to complete the survey.


NCSRP Producer Survey - 2022-23


The survey takes around 15 minutes. Your participation is voluntary. All responses will be kept confidential. Your answers will be combined with other people’s answers in all reports, papers, presentations, and other analyses so nobody can tell who gave which answers. No identifying information will be reported. Thus, there are no known risks to participating.


By completing the survey, you will get first access to the new web-based platform that houses a scouting app and a new agronomic management tool based on the data we are collecting in this project.


You can contact the researchers at [email protected] or [email protected] for questions about the study. You can also contact the Bureau of Sociological Research, which is assisting with the data collection, at 1-800-480-4549 or email [email protected]. The UNL Institutional Review Board approved the survey. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, you can contact them at 402-472-6965.