Your voting guide for the 2024 Nebraska Soybean Board Elections

Jul 1, 2024

Ballots will be going out the week of July 8 to farmers residing in Districts 1 and 3. Please follow the ballot instructions carefully to ensure your vote is counted. If you have not received a ballot by July 19, please call 402-564-5827 to request one.


CALL 402-564-5827


Return ballots should be postmarked by July 31st.


The Nebraska Soybean Board is funded and led by you, its farmers. If you want your voice heard and to see your input reflected in the work NSB does, it’s important that you vote in the election for the NSB board members in July.


We strongly encourage all Nebraska soybean farmers in Districts 1 and 3 to vote and to get to know your board members once they take office. Learn more about the 2024 candidates below.


Anne Meis - Elgin, NE - Antelope County (incumbent)


  • Anne and her husband, Jim, operate a family farm alongside Jim’s brother, sister-in-law and son, Jonathon. They grow corn, soybeans and alfalfa and raise Angus beef cattle on their fourth-generation family farm. Anne and Jim have three grown children and two grandchildren.
  • After graduating with a BS in mathematics, Anne taught various grades and subjects at Elgin schools. Eventually, she returned full-time to the farm as the operation expanded. Meis Farms strives for continuous improvement to increase soil health through no-till and cover crops, conserving water through irrigation technologies and managing nitrogen with precious ag.
  • Anne currently serves as Vice Chair of the Nebraska Soybean Board. Anne also serves as secretary for the U.S. Soy Export Council Soy Excellence Center Advisory Panel. She is the former Chair of U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action.
  • Anne graduated with LEAD Class 33 and was named outstanding LEAD alumni in 2024. She is a 15-year 4-H leader, a member of the Nebraska Farm Bureau and was the 2016 Ag-Ceptional Woman of the Year at NECC.

“As a board member, we are responsible for investing your checkoff dollars in programs that will increase the demand for and value of our soybeans. I dig deep into proposals for their effectiveness by asking questions, reading outside sources and reviewing past effectiveness. I have learned much about the soybean industry in the 9 years serving on the Nebraska Soybean Board. Your checkoff funds quality research, education and promotion of our soybeans in Nebraska and beyond. After traveling extensively to overseas markets, I am honored to be on the Global Advisory Panel with the Soy Excellence Centers, a unique program offering training to those utilizing U.S. Soy worldwide. My experiences have been valuable in serving Nebraska soybean farmers, and I would appreciate your vote so I can continue in my leadership roles promoting Nebraska-grown soybeans.”



  • Mike Korth has been farming for 50 years, currently growing soybeans and corn on his farm near Randolph, Nebraska.
  • Mike has four grown daughters and is married to Deb.
  • He has extensive board experience, having served on the Nebraska Soybean Board for 12 years, the United Soybean Board for nine years and various other agricultural boards and organizations including the National Biodiesel Board, now known as Clean Fuels Alliance America.

“I am motivated to serve on the Nebraska Soybean Board again because I see opportunities for positive change within the organization. With a strong commitment to innovation, I aim to develop and guide new uses for soybeans, expand markets through new export partnerships, while also increasing domestic and in-state demand. I am also focused on the growth of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel. I'm always on the lookout for the next "home run" when it comes to new uses for soybean meal and oil. I believe the next big use is out there, and we need to research and find it. Biodiesel has already made a significant impact on the soybean industry, providing a reliable market for our crop and positively impacting Nebraska soybean farmers. With my hands-on experience with NSB and USB, I'm well-prepared to tackle these important areas and keep our soybean industry moving forward.”




  • Ruth and her husband, Sid, operate a farm near Scribner on land that has been in Ruth’s family since it was homesteaded in 1870. They are parents to four adult children and have four grandchildren.
  • On their farm, Ruth and Sid utilize a no-till farming method to grow soybeans, corn and alfalfa, while also incorporating cover crops. These cover crops serve as forage for their small herd of Shorthorn cows. In addition to this, Ruth raises chickens and turkeys, and they sell the beef, poultry and turkeys directly to consumers.
  • Ruth is an alumna of LEAD 24 and actively contributes to the agricultural community. She serves on the planning committee for the National 4-H Dairy Conference and volunteers with the organization CommonGround.

“Over the past three years, I have learned a great deal about NSB and its impact for Nebraska soybean producers. In my first year on the board, I helped craft the mission statement and initiatives that drive our decision process. I currently serve on the Farmer Support and Community Engagement initiative committees. As a member of these committees, I see the value of investing checkoff dollars and how it benefits producers and their communities. With your support, I will continue to help feed, fuel and innovate for the future.”

  • Jay and his wife, Jenna, operate a family farm near Mead, NE, along with their oldest daughter Emily and Jay’s older brother, Jeff. The farm was homesteaded in 1871 and is currently working with the fifth and sixth generations. They raise corn and soybeans on mostly irrigated ground.
  • Jay and Jenna have two daughters. Emily is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a degree in Agronomy, and Kaitlyn is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in Animal Science.
  • Jay graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1994 with bachelor’s degrees in Agronomy and Mechanized Systems Management. Jay has also been involved in many UNL On-Farm Research projects with the family farm throughout the years.
  • Jay is a member of the Saunders County Soybean Association and has served as Director and Past President. He has also served four years as an Associate Director on the Frontier Cooperative Board. Jay is also actively involved in the Mead FFA Alumni and the local church council.

“As a board member, I would like to serve to help direct our checkoff dollars toward projects that will help benefit Nebraska soybean producers through developing new markets and increasing demand through new products developed with soybeans. I would also like to continue providing research dollars to help find solutions for diseases and insect problems affecting soybean production in the state. The Nebraska Soybean Board has done a great job in the past funding these projects, and I would like to help serve on the board to continue these efforts.”

The other position up for election in 2024 is District 6.


  • Mike Tomes, in the District 6 position, is running unopposed and will retain the position.


About the Nebraska Soybean Board: The nine-member Nebraska Soybean Board collects and disburses the Nebraska share of funds generated by the one-half of one percent times the net sales price per bushel of soybeans sold. Nebraska soybean checkoff funds are invested in research, education, domestic and foreign markets, including new uses for soybeans and soybean products.