Nebraska Soybean Management Field Days Research Ongoing – Information To Be Shared Virtually

Aug 18, 2020

For over 20 years, Soybean Management Field Days have helped soybean growers maximize productivity and profitability through smart decisions and efficient use of resources. The field days have helped growers stay competitive in the global marketplace and increase profits with a focus on meeting the world’s growing food and energy needs right here in Nebraska.


The field days are moving online for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the in-person field days will not be offered in 2020, research is active at the Soybean Management Field Days locations.  Information and updates from the sites will be shared with growers through virtual field day presentations.


Dr. Justin McMechan records a video presentation on soybean gall midge and insect management. Growers will be able to watch Soybean Management Field Days presentations and learn from Nebraska research at their own convenience.

The field days are sponsored by the Nebraska Soybean Board in partnership with Nebraska Extension in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and are funded through soybean checkoff dollars. The efforts of the checkoff are directed by the United Soybean Board promoting progress powered by U.S. farmers.


“We are committed to sharing research-based information to improve soybean profitability while protecting soybean growers’ health and safety,” said Scott Ritzman, executive director of the Nebraska Soybean Board. “Learning to adapt has been a theme this year and we want to continue finding new ways to build value for farmers.”


Ongoing research is currently underway at the following farms:

  • Jerome Fritz Farm at Hildreth, NE
  • Kevin Dinslage Farm at Elgin, NE
  • Bart Ruth Farm at Shelby, NE
  • Mike Fuchs Farm at Arlington, NE


“Growers can obtain ideas and insight about the challenges they face in producing a quality crop at a profitable price in today’s global economy,” said Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension educator.  “Nebraska Extension specialists and educators will provide presentations and growers can view them via short modules online at a time that is convenient to them.”


Topics and presenters include:

Precision Ag Technology and Online Budgeting: What are the Economics?

  • Glennis McClure, Nebraska Extension Farm and Ranch Management Analyst
  • Taro Mieno, UNL Department of Ag Economics Assistant Professor

Strategies for Soybean Gall Midge and Insect Management in Cover Crops  Disease Management in Soybeans

  • Justin McMechan, University of Nebraska Crop Protection and Cropping Systems Specialist
  • Tom Hunt, Nebraska Extension Entomologist
  • Robert Wright, Nebraska Extension Entomologist
  • Tamra Jackson- Ziems, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist

Drill-Interseeding Cover Crops in Soybean

  • Chris Proctor, Nebraska Weed Management Extension Educator
  • Katja Koehler-Cole, UNL Research Assistant Professor

Soybean Production & Cover Crops Planting Rates, Row Spacing, Planting Dates, Maturity Groups – Seed, Planting and Irrigation Management

  • Steve Melvin, Nebraska Extension Educator, Cropping Systems
  • Aaron Nygren, Nebraska Extension Educator, Cropping Systems
  • Jim Specht, UNL Emeritus Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture

Watch for updates at: and on Twitter and Facebook. Presentations will be online late summer or early fall. Contact the Nebraska Soybean Board at (402) 441-3240 or Nebraska Extension at 1-800-529-8030 for more information.

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  • Keith Glewen, extension educator, Nebraska Extension, (402) 624-8030 [email protected]
  • Scott Ritzman, executive director, Nebraska Soybean Board, (402) 441-3240 [email protected]


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