The 2021 Nebraska Soybean Board Election Candidates

Jul 14, 2021

The Nebraska Soybean Board will have candidates running for the board in districts 1 and 3 for the 2021 elections. Anne Meis, running for re-election, and Brandon Rosberg will represent district 1. Rebecca Kreikemeier and Ruth Ready will represent district 3.


Ballots will be going out on July 15 in districts 1 and 3. If qualified producers do not receive a ballot by July 19, please call 402-564-5827 and request one. Return ballots should be postmarked by July 30st.


The Nebraska Soybean Board strongly encourages all Nebraska soybean farmers in districts 1 and 3 to vote and to get to know the board members once they take office. Learn more about the candidates below.


DISTRICT 1: Counties of Antelope, Boyd, Cedar, Holt, Knox, Madison and Pierce.



Anne Meis – Elgin, NE – Antelope County

“As a board member, I feel a responsibility to invest your checkoff dollars in programs that will increase the demand and value of our soybeans. I dig deep into proposals for their effectiveness by asking questions, reading outside sources and reviewing past effectiveness. I have been elected as chairwoman of USFRA, which is a national farmer-led organization advancing sustainability leadership of the U.S. food and agriculture sector. I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue serving soybean farmers in District 1 through my leadership roles at the state and national levels.”


Brandon Rosberg – Bloomfield, NE – Knox County

“I would like the opportunity to serve on the Nebraska Soybean Board to be a voice for all soybean producers in my district and the state. I would like to see more domestic use of soybeans and soybean products here in the United States. While international trade is very important for our products and existing relationships should be maintained and newly cultivated, domestic demand would create a stronger and more consistent market for producers. I would also like to be a voice for financial discipline of producers’ checkoff dollars.”


DISTRICT 3: Counties of Butler, Colfax, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders and Washington.




Rebecca Kreikemeier – Bellwood, NE – Butler County

“I would say my most important concern for the Nebraska Soybean Board would be how we are adapting our current practices and keeping step with the rapidly changing web-based world our farmers are confronted with. We need to look at the world through the eyes of future farmers and not abandon the commitment of excellence of our past producers.”


Ruth Ready – Scribner, NE – Dodge County

“As a member of the Nebraska Soybean Board, I look forward to helping other farmers be successful in their soybean growing and marketing efforts. The Nebraska Soybean Board has much to offer soybean producers, and I would like to help farmers utilize what is available to them. Strengthening connections with other parts of the soybean complex is also of interest to me. All parts of the soybean production, marketing and utilization chain are vital and need to be supported. I hope to be able to help provide that support as part of the Nebraska Soybean Board.”


The district 6 position on the Nebraska Soybean Board will be taken by Larry Tonniges of Utica. He ran unopposed; therefore, no election will be held.

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About the Nebraska Soybean Board: The nine-member Nebraska Soybean Board collects and disburses the Nebraska share of funds generated by the one-half of one percent times the net sales price per bushel of soybeans sold. Nebraska soybean checkoff funds are invested in research, education, domestic and foreign markets, including new uses for soybeans and soybean products.