Corn/Soy Ambassador Program

The Nebraska Corn and Soy Ambassador Program is a one-year opportunity for college students who are eager to learn about the agricultural industry and become effective advocates for agriculture. Up to ten students are chosen annually to participate in the program. During the year, students will attend three seminars and a summer tour. The first seminar will discuss policies at the state and federal level that impact the corn and soybean sectors, the second seminar will delve into the role of checkoff programs in promoting these crops. The final seminar will provide students with an overview of leadership and advocacy opportunities available after graduation. The seminars will take place in Lincoln, Nebraska. The summer agribusiness tour will encompass different aspects of the industry such as manufacturing, production and processing, it will give students a deeper understanding of potential career and internship opportunities in the sector.


Throughout the program, students are also required to participate in promoting the corn and soybean grower associations and checkoffs at events such as Husker Harvest Day and Soybean Management Field Days. After completing the program, students will be acknowledged at the annual meetings of the corn and soybean associations, and each will receive a $500 scholarship to assist with their education expenses. Funding for portions of the program is provided by the Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Soybean Board.