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Nebraska Soybean Weekly Radio Update

Nebraska soybean farmers face important issues in the field and market. Listen to the Nebraska Soybean Weekly Radio Update to keep up with the latest in soybean programs, news from the field, and interviews from your district representatives on the Nebraska Soybean Board. The weekly, two-minute program updates soybean farmers about current events and projects supported with Nebraska soybean checkoff dollars. Listen to the weekly radio update on the following stations or from the archive below.
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NSB Radio Reports


It's Thanksgiving week and many of us are thinking about turkey. "Thanks to the Nebraska Soybean Board, we were able to highlight the quality and versatility of U.S. poultry, specifically duck and turkey...." - Shelby Watson, Manager of Allied Industry Relations at USAPEEC. NSB's partnership with USA Poultry & Egg Export Council is helping bolster poultry and egg demand around the globe.


"These topics are very relevant to soybean production." Have you checked out Soybean Management Virtual Field Days yet? Keith Glewen with Nebraska Extension, encourages you to do so.
Join the virtual experience at enrec.unl.edu/2020soydays.


Kyle Broderick, assistant extension educator and coordinator of the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic at UNL, discusses soybean cyst nematode (SCN) sampling and surveys in Nebraska. The Nebraska Soybean Board is sponsoring SCN sample analysis through UNL. Contact your local Extension office for a sample bag and form.


"The website gives farmers a one-stop place to see and read about checkoff funded research projects, both focused in Nebraska and across the U.S." - Cate Newberg, USB/NCSRP Program Manager, talks about the Soybean Research & Information Network. The site's tools are up to date, easy to read, and are ready to apply on your farm. Learn more at soybeanresearchinfo.com


"As the #USSOY industry changes and evolves, we need to shift our focus and our goals to meet the objectives that will be coming in the future." Tony Johanson, farmer and USB director, gives an update on behalf of the United Soybean Board.


Have you read your fall edition of SoybeaNebraska yet? Jason Penke, farmer and board member from Craig, reminds producers of the NSB publication. The fall edition gives a look at international marketing efforts and investments by the Nebraska Soybean Board.


The Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN) works to support and facilitate the growth of the state's livestock, empowering communities by sharing agricultural knowledge to help them make informed decisions and to connect opportunities throughout the entire food chain to sustain a thriving Nebraska. Steve Martin, executive director of AFAN, gives an update from the organization and its first 15 years.


"We have been challenging leaders to meet the moment... For the betterment of the planet, agriculture has an amazing role." Erin Fitzgerald, CEO of U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action gives an update on the Honor The Harvest Forum and the organization as a whole.


Tom Clemente, Professor of Biotechnology at the University of Nebraska Lincoln shares some of the research he is conducting that is being funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board. They include using pathogen effectors to improve soybean immune systems and enhancing soybean germplasm for aquaculture.


Daryl Obermeyer, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board member from Brownville, reviews the budget action that took place at the September Nebraska Soybean Board meeting and reflects on six years serving on the Nebraska Soybean Board.

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