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Nebraska Soybean Weekly Radio Update

Nebraska soybean farmers face important issues in the field and market. Listen to the Nebraska Soybean Weekly Radio Update to keep up with the latest in soybean programs, news from the field, and interviews from your district representatives on the Nebraska Soybean Board.
The weekly, two-minute program updates soybean farmers about current events and projects supported with Nebraska soybean checkoff dollars.
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NSB Radio Reports


Greg Anderson, a farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board member from Newman Grove previews the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. It’s the 30th year for the National Biodiesel Board and the 19th year for the conference as the industry is approaching the age of decarbonization with not only biodiesel, but also renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.


Larry Tonniges, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) director from Utica, reports on some of the research projects that NSB is investing in.


Doug Saathoff, farmer from Trumbull and new chair of the Nebraska Soybean Board, recaps last week's meeting.


Mike Steenhoek, CEO of U.S. Soy Transportation Coalition updates us on the supply chain and the impact it is having on the transporting of soybeans to customers.


Kenlon Johannes, Executive Director of the Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) talks about the roll SAA has in the aquaculture world. Soy protein is an important protein source in the aquaculture diet due to its high protein content, balanced amino acid profile, and high level of digestibility for most cultured fish and shrimp species.


Anne Meis, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board member from Elgin reviews last week's Honor the Harvest Forum sponsored by U.S Farmers and Ranchers in Action (USFRA).


Eugene Goering, farmer from Columbus reviews last week's Nebraska Soybean Board meeting, previews harvest and invites you to Husker Harvest Days.


Greg Greving, farmer and United Soybean Board member from Chapman invites you to stop by the Commodities Building when you are at Husker Harvest Days.


"We are partnering with Revolution Roof to provide a property owner with an application of Roof Maxx in the Soy to Shingle Giveaway. Listeners can apply at revolutionroof.com" - Catherine Jones talks about the soy product that is rejuvenating roofs across the country!


Tamra Jackson-Ziems, UNL Extension Plant Pathologist, gives an update on research and previews her presentation at next month's Soybean Management Field Days. The field days will run August 10th through the 13th. The locations are Wilcox, Elgin, Rising City and Arlington. More information can be found at enrec.unl.edu/soydays.

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